Chicago Is NOT Broke – Far From It

We Are Not Broke-HP screenI don’t believe Chicago is broke. I don’t believe we should’ve been asked to pay $600 million more in property taxes. 15 aldermen agreed. But the rest rubber-stamped Mayor One Percent’s Budget From Hell. Read my op-ed piece in Huffington Post. I lay out three large pots of money that SHOULD’VE been on the table BEFORE we are hit with any new taxes or fees.

I am looking for speaking engagements and presentation opportunities to share this platform. “Chicago is NOT Broke – Funding the City We Deserve.” Use the contact form below to connect…

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I Ask the Mayor About TIFs And He Answers!

Tom asks mayor-w. spreadsheet+budgetWhat a night at Malcolm X College. About 300 people showed up for the first 2016 Budget Town Hall presided over by Mayor Emanuel and attended by all his department heads. Dozens of folks got one minute to ask a question or make a statement. The room was filled with supporters of the Dyett High School hunger strikers. People young and old expressed their anger and aspirations, stepping up to the mike and demanding that the mayor first meet with the hunger strikers and accept the community-development proposal to transform Dyett into a global leadership and green technology academy.

There were also calls for coming clean on TIFs and releasing TIF funds into the general stream of local government agencies – especially our beleaguered public schools. I asked the mayor to release all documents proving his claim that most of the $1.4 billion sitting in TIFs on January 1, 2015 are NOT available for distribution. The mayor and his budget director actually responded. Budget Director Alex Holt promised Tom a meeting in the near future to answer all our questions on where the money is. Stay tuned.

Watch the exchange here:

Listen to the full exchange here.

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