“Chicago Is Not Broke” Book Crowdfunding Project Live!

The next stage in the evolution of the TIF Illumination Project is here! Help us raise funds to publish “Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve.” We’ve got the authors all lined up. Will you pitch in so we can publish 5,000 copies?

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Chicago Is NOT Broke – Far From It

We Are Not Broke-HP screenI don’t believe Chicago is broke. I don’t believe we should’ve been asked to pay $600 million more in property taxes. 15 aldermen agreed. But the rest rubber-stamped Mayor One Percent’s Budget From Hell. Read my op-ed piece in Huffington Post. I lay out three large pots of money that SHOULD’VE been on the table BEFORE we are hit with any new taxes or fees.

I am looking for speaking engagements and presentation opportunities to share this platform. “Chicago is NOT Broke – Funding the City We Deserve.” Use the contact form below to connect…

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