Hey, Brad, Here’s An Idea – Let’s NOT Privatize Chicago

Chicago Ideas Week founder and chief honcho Brad Keywell (Groupon) ran a full page ad in today’s Chicago Tribune (my scanner isn’t big enough to get it all – this is like one third)…Rahm_head
Thing is, Brad and his wife, Kim each gave the mayor $5,300 for his re-election effort. This from his campaign’s October 2 A-1 report.

The ad gushes about Emanuel, “His vision is raising a city higher than its tallest buildings.” Really? What about the 49 school closings. The $68 million in cuts to the neighborhood schools left standing. The closing of public health clinics. The layoffs of public sector workers. The cuts in service to the CTA. The ever expanding privatization of city services – likehow we pay to get onto subways and buses and the pending shut down of city mammogram programs.

So here’s an idea for Chicago Ideas Week – throw the investment bankers out of City Hall and end the patronage, corruption and insider trading that stands for public policy here. We need MORE public, not less.

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