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Chicago Reader Cites Work of TIF Project

Reader_pix-8-27-14 Thanks to tireless TIF reporter Ben Joravsky of The Chicago Reader for this wonderful piece. He connects the dots from the supposed state of Chicago’s finances to the plight of our public schools and the tens of millions, nay, hundreds of millions of property tax dollars, we shower on major corporations.

None of this work would’ve been possible without the hundreds of hours contributed by our all volunteer team of coders, map makers, graphic designers, researchers and community organizers who – collectively – have now Illuminated 127 TIFs across 29 wards. The full record of these forums are here. If you want YOUR ward Illuminated, contact us at

When we Illuminate a ward we tell you: (1) overview of how TIFs work in Chicago, (2) how many TIFs in the ward, (3) best estimate of how much $ those TIFs took from your ward, (4) how much money left in TIF accounts FROM your ward, (5) who got paid from TIFs in your ward. We even provide a nifty graphic map that lays all this out in a super clear manner. No one else can tell you all this!

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Tom Teaches “TIF 101″ Workshop @ CivicLab

Chicago_TIFs_MapTom Tresser has been doing TIF Illumination workshops all over the city. Now you can see what over 1,600 other people have seen – how TIFs work REALLY.

Attend the “TIF 101″ workshop at the CivicLab on Tuesday, September 17 at 7pm. 90 minutes. $10. You’ll be Illuminated! Register via EventBrite.

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39th Ward Illuminated

Lord, it was HOT inside the Belding School auditorium tonight! And it just got HOTTER after the five TIFs of the 39th were Illuminated. Alderman Laurino was a no-show, No surprise. View all the TIF Illuminations here. Sign the petition to the Mayor – Empty The TIFs!. Read coverage from Progress Illinois.

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152 TIFs Illuminated!

I gave an update to a group of TIF Illumination Project organizers today at the CivicLab.

The TIF illumination Project was launched in February and six months later we’ve Illuminated 152 TIFs across 26 wards! The map hows the territory we’ve covered (Wards outlined in red received their own Illumination town forum, wards outlined blue were Illuminated together in two separate meetings). Over 1,500 people have attended these meetings.

Here is the presentation given to the group of folks who have or who are organizing TIF Town Meetings.

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