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Tom Teaches Workshop On Nonprofit Basics

Holding_earthIs there a cause you feel passionate about? Is there an injustice that needs righting? Are you inspired to serve and innovate for the common good?

If so – then you may be thinking about starting a nonprofit organization to channel your efforts and deliver new solutions for your community.

This two hour workshop will walk you through the reasons to and NOT to start a nonprofit organization and what your first steps should be in you DO decide to start a new organization.

$15. Please register online via EventBrite =

You will learn:

  • Basic distinctions of the nonprofit organization
  • Origins and place of nonprofits in American society
  • Size and scope of the nonprofit sector
  • Pathway to incorporate and get tax-exempt status

Tom TresserTom Tresser is the instructor for this class. Tom is the co-founder of the CivicLab, which is the 13th nonprofit enterprise he has founded or led. He teaches nonprofit management for the Graduate School of Social Work at Loyola University and a number of classes on civic engagement, public policy and leadership for other local educational institutions.

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Watch Feb 12 TIF Town Meeting

Thanks to the great folks at CAN-TV you can watch the February 12 TIF Town Meeting produced by The Tax Integrity and Fairness Alliance at the Chopin Theater (1  hour, 22 minutes). View the media coverage and my presentation materials on the impacts of the 12 TIFs inside the 27th Ward here.

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Power For Social Change

I’m doing a webinar on December 13 for the Northeast chapters of the National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks on power and social change. “Are nonprofit leaders, workers and constituents doing enough to advance the causes of social change, social justice and compassion in America? How is the nonprofit sector doing, as a whole? Are we strong, healthy, powerful, fighting and winning for the kids we care so much about? Who is winning politically and policy-wise in America and what can we learn from them? Is there some uncharted territory that may hold NEW solutions to old problems in this arena?’

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We Need To Upgrade US Education

From the Center for American Progress comes a new study, “The Competition That Really Matters: Comparing U.S., Chinese and Indian Investments in the Next Generation Workforce.” Download summary (12 pages) = The Competition That_Really_Matters-summary.

“To position the United States for the future, substantial investments are needed in research, infrastructure, and education. The most important of these areas to address is education. Why? Because as this report shows, the overwhelming economic evidence points to education—and human capital investments, generally—as the key drivers of economic competitiveness in the long term.”

Are you hearing anything like this in the current flurry of ads around the Presidential race?

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