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Bring The Book With The Answers To YOUR House!

“Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve” would like to come to YOUR house! We are offering folks the opportunity to organize a “Broke” Book Meeting-In-A-Box house party.

We will send you 10 books and a discussion guide and you invite friends and allies to your home. You can give your guests a copy of the book or you can re-sell it to them to recover you costs.

You power up the old PC and play a pre-recorded personalized intro we will record ahead of time.

When you re-convene your crew book organizer and editor Tom Tresser will connect vial live Skype video. How cool is that! The cost is $100 (which means if you sell the books @ $12 each, you can make some $) and you get can get started right now…

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Tom Seeks To Raise The Bar at Our Revolution Chicago Launch

Bernie Sander’s legacy organization Our Revolution launched its Chicago effort today at a forum at CTU Center on Carroll Street. Cook County Commissioner and 2015 Mayoral candidate Chewy Garcia led off with a call to build a progressive infrastructure to win aldermanic seats and the mayor’s office in 2019. While he spoke “Chicago Is Not Broke” gained its youngest reader!

Listen to my comments on the budget and Mayor Emanuel’s performance (12:45)…

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We Were Right In 2009…Will You Listen Now?

Oh, my colleagues in the nonprofit world. I may sound like Chicken Little crying “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” when I urge you to get involved in power politics in order to see your values realized in public life. But – here is an interview with Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist Rick Telander from October 7, 2009 – just five days after the International Olympic Committee eliminated Chicago from consideration for the 2016 Games in the first round of voting…

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