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Wide Ranging Interview With Bill Cameron

Tom was interviewed on the “Connected To Chicago” radio program with long time political reported Bill Cameron. We discussed “Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve” in light of the Inauguration of Donald Trump, which took place shortly before we began the interview.

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Interview Reveals (mostly) All

Jim Jacoby of the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative and Jim Cohen of BeSparked interviewed me in July for this series of master designer podcasts. What, you may ask, do I have to do with design? Ah ha! You’ll just have to listen to this wide-ranging 47 minute interview where I talk about my background in the arts and the connections between design, space and civic engagement. If you do listen – please comment at the bottom of the podcast web page.

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The Perils Of Privatization

PerlsteinHistorian and reporter for The Nation Rick Perlstein is doing a series of articles on the perils of privatization. In this 13 minute interview on WBEZ he lays out the reasons to be very skeptical about the sorts of deals Chicago is “forcing down the throats” of the taxpayers. He gives a shout out to the work of Tom Tresser and the CivicLab.

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It’s Good To Be A Lawyer In Chicago

How can Chicago be broke? The city has paid out $737.1 MILLION in legal settlement and judgement expenses in the nine years of 2003 to 2012. 65% of that is police-related litigation.

Chicago_settlements+judgements-2003-2013$96 MILLION has been spent by the City and Cook County defending Jon Burge and settling with his victims.

In addition, the City has spent $176 million over the past eight years in outside legal fees!

The City has spent a whopping $913,1 MILLION on legal messes.

I should’ve gone to law school!


12.3 million 2 Burge victims

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