Monthly Archives: March 2012

Let’s Talk About Power at “Creative Chicago Expo”!

The 2012 Creative Chicago Expo is this Friday and Saturday at The Chicago Cultural Center. I will be conducting a round table discussion on how the creative community might organize for power.  The discussions will be held in Preston Bradley Hall (on the second floor of the Cultural Center) near the Chicago Artists Resource table. Anyone is welcome to attend and join the conversation. My session will be on Saturday, March 24 at 11am.

Stand Up For Creativity 2012: Time To Advocate for Power & Resources how to get serious resources for the arts and artists in Chicago and the U.S.

Tom Part of Boost Camp for Arts Entrepreneurs

I’ve been added to the faculty of The Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship’s 2012 Boost Camp. The Boost Camp is a series of 12 online experiences will help you work through a variety of relevant and specific topics to help you build your creative career. You will be guided and given the tools and information needed to execute your strategy you develop during the course. You will be introduced to creative, entrepreneurial and innovative experts from around the world, along with a community of artists with whom you will be able to share knowledge and opportunities. I’ll be doing a session on “Introduction to the Creative Economy – Why Creativity Fuels Progress” on June 9. Learn more here…

We know there is no one simple path that’s right for everyone. Boost Camp provides lectures by industry experts, group interaction and one-on-one sessions.

Tom Interviewed By Evoca Founder

Murem Sharpe, the CEO and founder of the online audio service Evoca, interviewed Tom online. Tom has been using Evoca for online recording and archiving speeches for a number of years.  This is the audio file, 21 minutes.

Support Will Guzzardi for State Rep

Will Guzzardi is the real deal. I’ve been urging cultural workers, nonprofit managers and social change agents to run for office for over 20 years. I tried it myself. Will is a grassroots journalist and has done investigative work on social change issues and has fully participated in the social change movements in his community of Logan Square. Now he is a candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination for State Representative of the 39th District. He has got the Democratic Machine on the run! Listen to this seven minute speech and you will know why the people of the 39th District are excited about the idea of having a real fighter for the 99% representing them – and not a mouth piece for large corporations, the tax evasion industry and big pharma – they ALREADY have enough paid reps shilling for them!

Join the push to take back our local government from the 1%!